Posted by: Steph | February 22, 2006

“Survivor 5150”

I’ve already started (and deleted before posting) three entries, but none of them seem to be going anywhere. One such non-existant post, titled “sparkly things” was about my uncharacteristic secret love for sparkly things that seems to have come out of nowhere over the last five years (don’t worry, this love does not translate into buying habits). A second post was titled “one down, lots to go” about the finishing of my first MBA course, information systems, but that was boring. And a third titled “85%” – in 5150 they go on and on about the 15% you can leverage but what about the 85%? I started to bore myself with this as well, but then I had a thought, so it made the cut:

I think that we should make school more exciting and every 5150 group can vote off one person, the 85% (the person you cannot leverage who has no impact). Then maybe the voted off people can make their own team and compete against everyone else. We could make it a TV show and subsidize our education this way. Hmmm. I like it. And let’s be honest, I have not talked to one person who wouldn’t mind voting one person off their 5150 team.

If you had to make reality programming out of our MBA experience, what would you do?



  1. Something between Survivor, The Apprentice and Bachelor Bob. The first because I have a growing list of people I’d like to see being eaten by crocodiles, the second because it’s fairly obvious and the third because we need some sexual undertones otherwise it’ll never sell.

    Yes I’m willing to sell out to the masses. Tuition is expensive.

    Maybe we could give the crocodile a love interest too.

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